If you’re looking at buying a vehicle, it’s worth having a professional pre-purchase inspection to determine its condition and if it’s worth the asking price. A pre-purchase inspection is similar to taking a friend or family member along with you to look at a vehicle you’re interested in buying, but with the benefit of qualified advice from a trained professional. Based in Geelong, we provide pre-purchase inspections in the region for trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, farm machinery and more. However you do not need to be based in Geelong to take advantage of this service.

If you’re based in another town or state in Australia and are looking at a vehicle to buy in the Geelong region, we will go to the site on your behalf and complete our check-list. We will send you a report which includes photos we take of the vehicle on-site. When you’re looking at vehicles online it can be hard to judge the quality. The seller will put the best picture forward and descriptions are not always as detailed or accurate as you need when making such a big purchase decision.

While we can’t drive the vehicle or lift it up, we perform every possible check on-site. We can start the vehicle and look at it to judge if it needs work and how much work it might need to ensure it is safe and runs smoothly for its intended purpose.

Buying a truck, commercial vehicle or farm machinery is a big purchase and you can’t afford to find out after the fact that it doesn’t run as well as you thought! A simple inspection before you buy will help reduce this risk for you and ensure you are paying a fair price in relation to the condition of the vehicle for sale.

For pre-purchase inspections in Geelong and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also provide roadworthy testing and can issue a certificate for your vehicle upon passing the inspection.