Not only do we get your vehicle back on the road for you, we ensure it passes all necessary roadworthy tests with our heavy vehicle and truck roadworthy inspections in Geelong district.

We are a licensed heavy vehicle roadworthy tester operating from our workshop in Geelong. This means once your vehicle passes the requirements of a roadworthiness inspection, a certificate is issued. If a vehicle fails to meet the standard, the tester will issue a rejection report and you are given seven days to repair the items rejected.

Our truck roadworthy inspections include:

  • wheels and tyres
  • steering, suspension and truck brake systems
  • seats and seat belts
  • lamps and reflectors
  • windscreens and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers
  • the structure of the vehicle itself
  • other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

For any more information on our heavy vehicle testing, please contact us at Geelong Truck and Machinery Repairs. We are experts in providing Geelong truck repairs and service and aim to keep your vehicle on the road.